Born in 1946 in Bürgstadt/Miltenberg, grew up in Wilhelmshaven, since 1968 living in Berlin.

Study of fine art in Hamburg and Berlin, Master´s degree.

Since 1975 Freelancer, Caricatures, Posters, Photo Montages, Drawings.

First Exhibition 1969 Berlin. Galerie am Abend.

First Retrospective 1987. Galerie Körnerpark Berlin.

Teaching Caricature, Photography, Photo Montages at various Universities.

Confiscation and court trial in relation to themes in his art.

In 1981 the Berlin Police destroys a complete exhibition, organised by the ,,Neuen Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Berlin” by Ernst Volland.

Volland invents the painter Blaise Vincent, who has quick success.

Foundation of Photo Agency ,,Voller Ernst-nur für komische und ungewöhnliche Fotos” alongside Heinz Krimmer.

1989 Publishes his book ,,Dies Buch ist pure Fälschung”- Fakes.

The book gives the impulse for a series of fake TV clips on RTL (Günter Jauch) and SAT1. Volland also appears in the fakes as an actor.

Since 1990 working on ,,Eingebrannte Bilder” (Blurred Pictures).

In 1991 Volland gets to know the Russian photographer Jewgeni Chaldej and publishes his work worldwide in exhibitions and books.

Since 2005 working on  “Bundstiftbilder” (Coloured Pencil Pictures).

Two daughters, Lena and Janna. Four children’s books with texts and drawings by Ernst Volland.