Felipe Boso "prax - Caceres+Asins+Molero+Castillejo+
Viladot+Boso+Millan = 7 Autores experimentales", 2011

The impact of the content of this book has multiplied over time and will make us reflect on the charges that have been developed sovereign
experimental poetry in Spain and their promoters.
The book includes a foreword by Josep Miquel (Fundació Guillem Viladot) and a text of Felipe Boso,
10 images of José Antonio Caceres, 14 images of Elena Asins, 16 images of Herminio Molero, 15 images of José Luis Castillejo,
12 images of Guillem Viladot, 14 images of Felipe Boso and 15 images of Fernando Millán.
total of 134 pages, format 29,7x21 cm
1. edicion 1000 copies.
ISBN 978-84-939139-0-8

18,00 €