Edicions H. Jenninger y fragmento de
la colección Jenninger / Vallribera., 2011

Edicions H. Jenninger has on the occasion of the exhibitions at the Museo d'Art Contemporaneo Florencio de la Fuente, Requena and
the Cultural Complex - Espai d'Art Contemporani, Juneda published a catalog. In this catalog, are most editions of the publisher and a part of graphic works of the private collection Jenninger/Vallribera

This catalog has 176 pages with 147 color illustrations and is bound thread.
The prologue is by the art historian and critic Josep Miquel Garcia in catalan, castilian and german.
size: 26 x 20 cm
1. edition 300 copies.
ISBN 978-84-931813-2-1

46,00 €